Metal Detection

Metal Detection Systems

  • Critical for shreddar and grinder applications to eliminate destructive metal from going through system
  • Eliminate costly damages to your equipment
  • The cost of adding metal detection can be a fraction of the cost for damages incurred to the grinding equipment
  • TEC can design and build a system that fits your exact requirements with full metal detection and removal.
  • Metal removal system is designed to minimize good product loss.
  • Custom controls to make the conveyor, metal detector , grinder, metal removal system and all other components work together.

TEC offers metal detection systems to fit your needs and budget.

Depending on the type of parts or material that will be going through the system; we can build systems with a single plate or double plate design. The single plate is very effective where the material lays flat on the conveyor belt and does not get stacked up above 4 inches. Other applications require the double plate for better sensitivity with material that rides higher on the belt. We can accommodate almost any part width and height. Below is an example of one version of our two plate metal detection system.

Two Plate Tunnel Type Metal Detector